About Love Inspired

Love Inspired offers a wide range of uplifting and inspiring stories about love and friendship, family and community for readers to enjoy and share with their own family and friends.

Building on the success of Love Inspired’s long-established romance lines, Love Inspired has expanded with a trade paperback program featuring a broad range of longer faith-based novels with deeper, more emotional character explorations and multi-layered story lines.

Discover the full range of books from Love Inspired.

Inspirational Romance and Inspirational Romantic Suspense: Love Inspired publishes two romance lines – Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense. Each line, or series, releases six new contemporary romance stories every month in print and digital formats that are sold in stores and through online retailers. Love Inspired lets readers fall in love with stories where faith guides characters through life’s challenges and helps them discover the promise of a new beginning. Love Inspired Suspense is for readers who find strength and determination in stories of faith and love in dangerous situations as characters face challenges to their faith and to their lives.

Love Inspired also offers readers limited inspirational collections with exciting and varied themes, such as mountain rescues, cold cases and historical romances, in mass market paperback format.

Inspirational Women’s Fiction: Our trade paperback program is designed to give readers more of what they already enjoy about Love Inspired—relatable faith-based characters and a variety of entertaining stories grounded in life lessons. These longer novels give authors more breadth to explore multifaceted stories that will absorb readers in the characters’ complex lives and world. Published bi-monthly, readers can enjoy Love Inspired’s women’s fiction in print in stores, and in digital and audio formats from their favorite audio and ebook retailer.

Love Inspired is published by Harlequin.