A Hero's Promise (Paperback)

A Hero's Promise

On Sale: Jun 28, 2022
Pub Month: Jul 2022

About this Book

A complicated homecoming

The Soldier's Secret Child by Lee Tobin McClain

Former soldier Vito D’Angelo has come home with a foster son—and a secret that could devastate his comrade’s widow Lacey McPherson. Lacey’s trying to renovate her guesthouse and build a peaceful life. Letting Vito and young Charlie stay on her property awakens a longing for the family she’s sure she’ll never have. And as their friendship turns to more, the truth grows harder for Vito to reveal.

The Soldier's Newfound Family by Kathryn Springer

Returning to Texas from overseas, US marine Carter Wallace makes good on a promise to tell a fallen soldier's wife that her husband loved her. But pregnant widow Savannah Blackmore shares a story with Carter that tests everything he believes. He brings Savannah back to the Triple C ranch, where family secrets—and siblings he hadn't known about—await him. Now the marine who never needed anyone suddenly needs Savannah…

New York Times Bestselling Author Lee Tobin McClain

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kathryn Springer

2 Uplifting Stories

The Soldier's Secret Child and The Soldier's Newfound Family