Her Amish Match (eBook)

Her Amish Match

On Sale: Aug 22, 2023
Pub Month: Sep 2023

About this Book

What the heart knows

Mistaken for His Amish Bride by Patricia Davids

Traveling to Maine in search of family, Mari Kemp is injured in an accident—and ends up with amnesia. Mistakenly believing she’s the fiancée he’s been exchanging letters with, wheelwright Asher Fisher will do anything to help Mari recover her memories. He’s kind, caring—maybe even her perfect match. But she’ll need to remember the past before she can see their future.

Their Pretend Courtship by Carrie Lighte

Eliza Keim has no interest in getting married. But with her stepfather pressuring her to court, Eliza begrudgingly agrees to walk out with blueberry farmer Jonas Kanagy. She has no idea his true intention is only to protect his brother from getting his heart broken. Yet making their in-name-only courtship look real is surprisingly easy. Might this practical arrangement end up backfiring in the best possible way?

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Patricia Davids

2 Uplifting Stories Mistaken for His Amish Bride and Their Pretend Courtship