Where She Belongs (eBook)

Where She Belongs

On Sale: Feb 21, 2023
Pub Month: Mar 2023

About this Book

Returning to her roots

Amish Homecoming by Jo Ann Brown

Ten years ago, Amish quiltmaker Leah Beiler and her twin brother left their community without a word. Now she's come home—with her orphaned niece. Before she left, she dreamed of marrying handsome dairy farmer Ezra Stoltzfus. But now that she is raising a child who knows nothing of Amish ways, Ezra worries she'll leave again. Leah will have to prove to Ezra that her future is in Paradise Springs—with him.

Snowbound with the Amish Bachelor by Patricia Johns

For social worker Grace Schweitzer, arriving at Ben Hochstetler’s farm to pick up an abandoned baby feels like stepping into her past—especially after a blizzard forces her to stay. Helping on the farm reminds Grace of her Amish upbringing…and the reason she left. She’s losing her heart to Ben and the faith she once held dear, but has she changed too much to return to this life?

2 Uplifting Stories Amish Homecoming and Snowbound with the Amish Bachelor