Amish Country Hideout (eBook)

Amish Country Hideout

On Sale: Nov 08, 2022
Pub Month: Dec 2022

About this Book

Seeking refuge in Amish country

Shielding the Amish Witness by Mary Alford

On the run after discovering her brother-in-law was behind her husband’s murder, Faith Cooper can think of only one safe place—her Amish grandmother’s home. But when danger follows Faith to the quiet Amish community, her childhood friend Eli Shetler is her only protection. And their survival depends on outlasting a relentless killer…one who has nothing left to lose.

Seeking Amish Shelter by Alison Stone

Stumbling upon illegal drug activity in the health-care clinic where she works thrusts nursing student Bridget Miller into the crosshairs of a violent criminal. Now under the protection of DEA agent Zachary Bryant, she has no choice but to hide in her family’s Amish community. Reentering the life she abandoned to chase her dreams isn’t easy, but it may be the only way to stay alive…

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary Alford

2 Thrilling Stories 

 Shielding the Amish Witness